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Wine Storage Rooms

Wine Storage Rooms have some similarities to cold rooms but the best Wine Storage Rooms or Facilities will be specially designed for specific type of wines to be stored and grouped depending on temperature and humidity.

The more simpler designs will often have only one region zone temperature this can be a lot easier for more generic wines but for high quality wines each vineyard will house their wines in their own cellars that will be variants in temperatures. For Example, Château Lafite Rothschild Cellars are 17°C, whereas Château Mouton Rothschild Cellars we understand are 15°C.

In general temperatures of wines for oak-aged reds are 16 to 18°C, un-oaked reds 15 to 17°C for whites and rosés 10 to 12°C and for sweet wines 8 to 10°C which is the same for champagnes, Port is best maintained at 9°C.

One of the other method we like to adopt in cases where our clients keep very specific collections is almost the same in how you would keep company documents in a filing cabinet; we call it Wine Filling Chilled Cabinets. You would still need a cold room to ensure that the individual cabinets do not succumb to dense condensation. However you can then house arrays of Wine Filling Chilled Cabinets that hold selected wines at the optimal temperature for preservation and to ensure perfect provenance is maintained. We can also provide a certificate of storage quality that can be catalogue with the province of your wines to provide to the future buyers.

We Can assist you to apply for your wine warehouse or cold facility to certified directly by the FDA, USDA and a number of third party entities to make sure you are meeting the strictest wine stoage safety standards. We can assist you to obtaining a certified HACCP plan in place for every critical control point of your operation.

Because of the damage that can be caused to fine wines we design our wine storage facility to  include Temperature Alarms, 24/7 Temperature Monitoring and Loggers, Fully Enclosed Docks to Protect from Elements, Freon Leak Alarms, Compressor alarms & Backup Compressors, Backup Power System and Backup Refrigeration Systems and as a final safe guard we provide insurance coverage with specific emergency measures in place that you cant get directly from insurance companies on the market.