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SCDF FSP (Fire Saftey Plans):

Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire Safety Plans Ė SCDF FSP In every commercial project you come across the need to for Fire Safety and to carry out the renovation works in accordance to Fire Safety regulations and every new occupant will be required to submit an application to SCDF to inform them that they are the new occupier of the unit or space and that as and when they took over these are the current as built plans if no alteration and that these plans meet the regulations are certified by a registered Architect or Fire Safety Officer.

There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation floating around and these days it seems nobody really knows what the actual rules and regulations are from I.Dís to Contractors to Builders. Even the Sprinkler contractors have differ in opinions on how to confirm to the fire regulation requirements. Thatís why is more important than ever to use a consultancy firm that doesnít think, but knows exactly where you are in terms of the regs and what you need to do to meet compliance.

Advanced Consultants principle Architect & Fire Safety Officer has a wealth and lifetimes knowledge in dealing with commercial and residential Fire Safety Compliance and is able to advise you from the very start of your project on your plans conformity.

That way you donít have serious problems later if the design didnít meet the regs. We provide Fire Safety Planning, Fire Safety Compartmentalization Drawings, Fire Sprinkler Design and Drafting, Fire Exit Lights, Emergency Lights and Fire Alarm Control Panel Designing and Drafting of Drawings as some of our standard services along with the applications, submissions and obtaining of licences and certificates as part of the entire process.

Aside from the above we being Advanced Consultants offer specialist Fire Safety advice and consultancy in regards to projects involving Acoustics, Swimming Pools, Cold Rooms. Hot Rooms Saunaís, Golf Simulators, Kitchens, Industrial Enclosureís, Reactor Rooms and marine sectors which all have unique requirements in Fire Safety and specialist knowledge is required of the materials used them. Rest assured you are in safe hands with our team of experts.