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Fire Sprinkler Plans

Propper Fire Sprinkler Planning is essential to every renovation project that needs to keep a close eye on the budget. These days its more important than ever as statistically the cost of renovation has increased by 30% according BCA and SCAL.

With our Advanced Expertise in Fire Sprinkler works we are able to calculate more accurately than your typical sprinkler contractor which means we can reduce the over all amount of points required and use the right sprinkler heads for the right area of coverage.

90% of the Sprinkler contractors that we have met plan the sprinkler installations themselves and only use a QP at the final stages to confirm that the sprinklers that were installed would cover all of the areas with water in the case of a Fire. This always results in over usage of Fire Sprinkler Points and often the use of smaller discharge heads.

Sometimes you have to understand the economics of the contractors, the more points used the money they can make, which is why choosing to engage a consultant like Advanced Consultants will save you money is the smart choice.

From the very start we can assess how many points you have and the study the asbuilt status compared to the submitted plans. Then we can draft out an accurate drawing with the set out of the points vertically and radially. From there we can advise on partitioning of the spaces to save points and ceiling heights, this will result in massive savings when the Sprinkler contractor is brought into the site.