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Cold Room

Designing and Building Cold Storage Rooms requires more expertise than you probably think, if you want to do it well; that is.
Of course most contractors have an idea of how to go about building a cold room; thinking that rockwool and some metal sheeting will be sufficient and they might be right, then again they might be wrong.

That’s the real difficulty that lies ahead, not knowing if the room your building has the right thermal retention or vapour barrier can at the very least cost you a very expensive electricity bill at the end of every month and as the very worse create a haven for Mould, Fungus and Bacteria to breed not to mention humidity.
The reason you need someone like us, is because we have the technical knowledge to design and create Cold Storage Rooms (Freezer Rooms, Chiller Rooms) that attain the requirements that your goods need. Not only will the rooms stay that way, but they will also do it with energy efficiently, with longevity and peace of mind.

We design our cold rooms using modern design engineering that utilizes a variety of combinations of materials to achieve the best results at the best build costs.