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Alteration & Addition (A&A)

Without a doubt when undertaking an Alteration & Addition to an existing property is something you need to engage a serious and capable team of consultants that range from the Architect to the engineers that are an integral part of the process.

Advanced Consultants are the team of experts you have been waiting for, with unbeatable knowledge in every field and thinking outside the box to make your ideas and dreams become a reality.
We can make your property as futuristic and high tech eco efficient as you want using all of the experience and current up-to-date technologies at our disposal to give you a unique build that you cant find with anyone else.

We will handle all of the conceptualizations, designs works, drafting, modelling, 3D Rendering and even can help with the actual build itself with our network of contractors, builders and tradesmen.

Whatever your needs are, we have got it covered with Advanced Consultants.