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Alcohol & Spirits SPF Licences

Applying for a Alcohol & Spirits with Singapore Police Force is something to not undertake likely. Its quite difficult to get a licence in the first place, let alone a licence to operate to the time of night you want and in the location, you want these days.
We will handle the conceptualization, drafting of the proposals and even the presenting of the proposal should it be required to the SPF Officer handling your application to ensure that the right message is got across and understood.

We will also advise you about what business activities are allowed under which licences and how to refine your business activities to fit into zoning to ensure that we can get the best outcome for you.

Wording is everything about your application and if you’re not familiar with how different wording is listed and regarding under licencing then you will have unresolvable problems to obtaining a licence to fit your business model.

Fear not, Advanced Consultants will handle the entire process and make your life, less stressful and the journey as smooth as possible.