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Air Conditioning Mechanical Ventilation / Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning  Consultancy is something that we also excel in both for hot climates like Singapore and colder clients in Europe or China.
We only design safe for human systems which might seam a standard but you would be surprised to know that it unfortunately isn’t. What we mean by this is the way that we thermally line the internal and external ducting that is involved in many of the ACMV systems.

A common practice is to use mineral glass fibbers for the internal liner for the ducts with and without a perforated foil sheet; this sadly is toxic to the end users but for unknown reasons consultants and installers still continue these unsafe practices.

We always put our clients health and safety as a priority over everything that we do and we will never change this standing point. All of the systems we design are safe for humans and do not cause any unwanted side effects.

We can design thermal ducting, acoustic ducting quadratic and cylindrical types of duct as well as system air conditioning and heating systems.

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